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  First Things First - A Guide To The Course


    • How long should I set aside for the lesson?
Each lesson has the minimum time required given in square brackets after the title. For example, this lesson is 20 minutes, though you may find you need a little extra time for reflective thought and getting your recording equipment ready.
When I’m teaching a group of students my class lasts three hours, so I would suggest that when you’re taking on the class, give yourself an hour.

    • What’s the best way of doing the course?
Come back to it on a regular basis. Make a regular space in your week to allow it to happen. Whether that’s 7pm, Monday evening or 6am, Thursday morning, whatever time of day is when it suits you. But pick a time and stick to it.

    • Can I do the whole course over a week?
You can... but one of the keys benefits of this course is the feedback that you can obtain from Lynn, and we'd recommend at the end of each of the 7 lessons sending that lesson's video or audio in for feedback.

Storing up all of your stories till the end would mean you won't have the opportunity to implement what you learn from Lynn as you progress through the course.

    • What about in a day? Can I do the whole course in a day?
I definitely would advise against doing the whole class at once. Is it possible? Yes it is, but though these exercises seem gentle, they can be pretty exhausting.

    • What materials do I need again?
You need a quiet space where you won't be disturbed.

You need some form of equipment to record yourself - either as audio or audio/video. Most modern cell phones will record videos and usually have a voice recorder app. Otherwise you can use your computer: Apple computers have Photo Booth or Quicktime which will record video from your webcam and other computers will have similar programs. Check out our free supplementary Storytelling Selfie lesson at the end of the lessons list.

You need a notebook or computer file where you can make notes.


A large part of this course is the feedback that you will receive from Lynn Ferguson at the end of each lesson.

The stories that you submit and the feedback you are sent will remain private, unless you specifically say that you are happy to share it.

We would love to be able to share our students' stories and the associated feedback to help others on their storytelling journey, but only if you and ourselves are truly comfortable doing so.