was started by Lynn Ferguson as a response to hosting and telling stories for The Moth.

We believe that we all, at some points in our lives, get the opportunity to speak, but often we aren't heard. Sometimes this is completely out of our control and as our audience, for whatever reason, can't or won't listen. Often though, it's just because we don't tell authentic or compelling stories. We miss telling the these stories because we speak in the way that we perceive that our boss, customer, family members or friends want to hear. We're not using our inherent uniqueness or individual perspective.

Step one in telling any story is making sure that you're using you're own voice, and something that you would create to seem more powerful, more educated or appealling. The most powerful, compelling stories that you can tell, are the stories that ONLY you can tell. Your perspective. Your Truth. In YOUR voice.

Lynn teaches storytelling like we learn to ride a bike. No amount of the academic theory of cycling will ever prepare you for that moment when you climb aboard a bicycle. You need to get on that bike as soon as possible and practice. Then you need to be able to hear yourself accurately and in a constructive way so that you can build and improve your stories.

The technical aspects of a narrative are not useless to spoken word storytelling, but they just not as important as speaking authentically, telling your unique perspective and being clear about what you want to convey about your story.

We are based in North Hollywood, California and in addition to the online courses here, we run storytelling classes from a theatre in Burbank and provide one to one coaching for storytelling and public speaking more generally.